The Importance of Family Support

Research shows us that people are more likely to maintain long-term sobriety after addiction treatment when they feel supported by loved ones. Many people who have struggled with substance abuse find themselves distanced from family and friends as their illness progresses. When an individual has decided to seek help for addiction, the support of family can be vital in the success of their recovery. Here we take a look at why that is.

How Family Involvement Aids in Recovery

Many people who have been admitted into addiction treatment programs have not done so under their own steam. It is not uncommon for families to launch interventions with the help of a professional to ensure they get the help they need. This is largely because addiction doesn’t only affect the individual abusing substances. It also has a much more wide-reaching and negative impact among close relatives and friends. An intervention often marks the culmination of enduring a prolonged period of pain caused by the negative behaviors of the addicted loved one.


Just as families can help get a loved one with substance abuse issues into rehab, they are also vital in the rehab process. This is mainly because the program will come to an end and the individual will need to receive continued support throughout their recovery. The best kind of support starts at home and it is enormously valuable for recovering addicts to reside in households where others are aware of the challenges they face.


It is not unusual for people to turn to drugs and alcohol in response to stressful circumstances surrounding closer personal relationships, which includes partners, relatives and close friends. When families are involved in their loved one’s recovery, they are more likely to achieve long term sobriety. Rehab centers such as Casa Recovery offer family therapy sessions to offer a neutral platform for open communication on difficult issues. In essence, the family is absolutely crucial in determining the success of a recovering addict.

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