With so many ways of approaching recovery from substance abuse, you might feel like you have tried everything, and nothing is working. Whether you have a spiritual background or not, Faith-Based Recovery might just be your best bet in recovering and staying recovered. Faith-Based Recovery involves completely relying on God and the power of that higher being to get you through and to overcome your dependency. These types of recovery centers are tough to find, however we here at Casa Recovery would like you to know that we offer a program exactly like this to offer you a different way of healing. Here are some of the most positive benefits of Faith-Based Recovery here at Casa Recovery, and why it works:

Putting your hope in something bigger than this world.

A lot of times, people with addiction can feel like the world is against them and they can’t get ahead in it. However, when you shift your focus and put your hope in God rather than the world, you have a different measure of love and acceptance that isn’t based on what you’ve done in your past.

Getting to know mentors who have been there, and who want you to succeed.

Christianity can sometimes seem overwhelming, or you might end up with more questions than answers. We step along side you in your journey to sobriety and recovery and can help you navigate your questions and find answers within yourself and God.

You have a support system that lasts long after rehab.

While you will make some life-long friendships with some people in your rehabilitation experience, the true friend and relationship you will make that will last long after rehab is your relationship with God. Once you find your footing and strength within God’s character and promises, you can rely on that long after your time in rehab ends.

Partner with us here at Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA

To begin your journey into rehabilitation, contact us today. By following our Faith-Based Recovery program, you can set yourself up for success and strength through the Christian faith, and through developing a relationship with God, whether for the first time or reigniting a long-lost one. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your private consultation.


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