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Anxiety is a mental illness that many people suffer from today. Some people have severe symptoms including panic attacks which can be very distressing. Fortunately, there are many routes to rehabilitation from anxiety, particularly holistic therapies used in the treatment of the condition. CASA Recovery is located in beautiful Orange County and we offer a range of integrated programs that contain holistic components.


How Holistic Treatments Work to Heal Anxiety


More than a third of Americans regularly engage in one type of holistic practice in their daily lives including yoga and meditation. The holistic approach to mental health treatment places emphasis on finding natural ways of coping with anxiety so that symptoms can be managed successfully over the long term.


Holistic practices refer to the treatment of the individual as a whole in terms of their mental, emotional and physical symptoms. This differs from conventional medicine which treats the symptoms rather than the cause. The theory behind holistic therapies is that by treating the individual’s overall wellbeing, they have a greater chance of finding a way of overcoming the anxiety that is sustainable for many years after treatment.


Holistic therapies are particularly useful because they can easily be incorporated into a person’s daily routine. Taking time out for meditation or physical exercise are both ‘holistic’ ways of clearing the mind and refreshing the body. This can be invaluable for a person with anxiety who has a severe reaction to stress as they can learn to reduce and even eliminate their negative responses altogether.


Get Anxiety Treatment in Orange County at CASA Recovery


At CASA Recovery, we treat mental illness, including anxiety. We offer a wide range of medical and holistic treatments in personalized programs for each patient in our care. If you need help with anxiety, please contact us in confidence to organize a consultation for anxiety treatment in Orange County today.

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