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Alcohol Abuse Rehab in Orange County

Alcohol Abuse is a step below true Alcoholism, but can be a problem nonetheless. Abuse of alcohol begins with neglecting responsibilities to drink, missing out on social events because you’d rather drink alone, or calling in sick to work often due to hangovers. You might experience a bit of withdrawal if you don’t drink for a few days, but it’s manageable and not debilitating. The key with Alcohol Abuse is recognizing it could turn into a problem, and taking steps to fix it prior to it becoming more severe, and turning into Alcoholism.

Behavior Symptoms

• Risk taking to drink

• Emotional outbursts

• Irritability

Physical Symptoms

• Unsteadiness on feet

• Slurred words

• Blurry vision

Get Help from Alcohol Abuse at CASA Recovery

You can get help for this problem here at CASA Recovery. Alcohol Abuse can lead down the tough road of Alcoholism- maybe you’ve already felt yourself take a turn in that direction. Alcohol Abuse is tough but not impossible to heal from here at Rehab. We have a comprehensive program here at CASA Recovery, and our trained rehabilitation staff will do what it takes to help you out of the situation you are in so you can live a fulfilling and exciting life, free of addiction and dependency. Contact us today here in San Juan Capistrano, CA to learn more and to begin your journey today.

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