Addiction Recovery: Stages of Grief – Depression

Stages of Grief – Depression

The Depression Stage of Grief During Addiction Recovery


Rehabilitation from addiction is not without its challenges. Many people entering rehab find they go through a grieving process as they move on from addictive behavioral patterns. It is not uncommon for people in the early stages of recovery to feel angry or depressed about giving up their lifestyle. Here we take a closer look at how these feelings of depression are dealt with as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program.


Understanding How Depression Affects Recovery

The first step in all rehab programs is detox. This is the process when a person abstains from using substances and goes through withdrawal. It is usual for people to experience a whole range of emotions, thoughts and feelings during detox including depression. Although depression in detox is usually a withdrawal symptom that will pass, many people in rehab need more help with negative feelings to overcome them.


Depression is directly linked to substance abuse. This is because people either:


  • Start using substances to self-medicate depression, or
  • Develop the symptoms as a result of substance abuse.


In both cases, these individuals are referred to as dual diagnosis patients. When a person has entered a rehab program for addiction, they will first be evaluated and assessed to determine whether they also have depression. To treat the symptoms of depression, the most likely course of action in a rehab setting is discussion-based therapy such as CBT.


One of the significant benefits of specialist addiction treatment is that the individual’s personal needs are taken care of. In regard to depression, therapy addresses the root causes and provides individuals with tools to help them achieve long-term recovery.


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