Addiction Recovery: Stages of Grief – Denial

Stages of Grief – Denial

The Denial Stage of Grief During Addiction Recovery


Overcoming substance abuse is not without its challenges. Perhaps the biggest of all for many people entering rehab is the prospect of changing their lives beyond recognition. Very often, this is the only way to prevent people from relapsing back to substance abuse. However, big life changes also bring with them a sense of loss and denial is one of the early stages of grief.


Why is There Grief During Recovery?

One of the main objectives of addiction treatment is to prepare people for a long term recovery. If the individual is attending a residential program, at some point they will have to leave the facility and return home. If the reasons behind their addiction have not been addressed, it will be very tempting for the person to hang out with the same people and in the same places as they did when they were using. Of course once they are in the presence of others with substance use issues, relapse is very likely.


During rehab, therapy is strongly focused on identifying the aspects of a person’s life that need to be changed to make it possible for them to overcome substance abuse. It is not unusual for people entering rehab to feel cautious about a life without substances, wondering how they will be able to enjoy themselves again. This is an entirely natural emotion and part of the illness of addiction that fades during the rehab process.


A personalized rehab program is intended to allow people to embrace change so that they feel positive about closing the door on the past. In some cases, there are family members also abusing substances who reside in the same home as a recovering addict. Although this can make it difficult for them to continue in sobriety, most good rehab centers such as CASA Recovery offer family therapy which is very effective.


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