Addiction Recovery: Stages of Grief – Bargaining

Stages of Grief – Bargaining

The Bargaining Stage of Grief During Addiction Recovery


Although most of us associate grief with the death of a loved one or a life-event such as divorce, these are not the only reasons. People who have entered rehab often go through a grieving period as they move on from an addictive lifestyle to a new and healthier future. Addiction takes some time to develop and people can become very stuck in their habits along with substance abuse itself. In other words, they will get used to going to certain places and mixing with other users as an integral part of their illness.


The Bargaining Stage of Grief

One of the stages of grief is bargaining. This is when a person says things to themselves such as:


  • If only I had been a better friend
  • If only I had reached out for help sooner
  • What if I hadn’t checked myself into rehab?


One of the important aspects of addiction treatment is helping people find a way to shift focus from the past to the future. When a person is receiving treatment for addiction, it is unhealthy for them to dwell in a past that kept them addicted. The most effective way of achieving long-term recovery is to address a negative state of mind by introducing positive change.


Specialist rehab centers like CASA Recovery offer addiction treatment programs that are entirely focused on the individual. This is mainly because every person has their own experience of substance abuse. The stages of grief may play out differently for each individual and so it’s important that their treatment program supports their personal needs.


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