Stages of Grief – Anger

The Anger Stage of Grief During Addiction Recovery

Anger is an emotion that we all feel from time to time. However some people find it difficult to process angry thoughts and feelings, resorting instead to using drugs and/or alcohol. In order to treat a person’s feelings of anger so that they can focus on addiction rehab, it is important to identify its root. There are different reasons we feel anger although it is generally speaking a physical reaction to uncomfortable situations. The types of events that trigger anger tend to vary from person to person.

Stages of Grief During Recovery

Anger is an early stage of grief and often seen as a reaction from patients in detox from substance abuse. As the influence of drugs and alcohol wane, feelings of anger can bubble up as the body desperately tries to get its fix. It is important to deal with these emotions as part of treatment in order for the individual to move past them.

Most good rehab centers such as CASA Recovery offer discussion-based therapies like CBT which deal directly with issues of anger management. Therapists help individuals identify the issues that trigger anger in them so that they are able to adapt their behavior and avoid those negative feelings. Rehab treatment has a strong focus on eliminating negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones.

Many people entering rehab feel a sense of loss after leaving behind friends they associate with substance abuse. In some cases, these people can be family members or others living under the same roof. In order for a person to overcome addiction, it is essential to stay away from enabling influences for the sake of their sobriety. This drastic change in a person’s lifestyle can be difficult and on occasion gives rise to feelings of anger.

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