Addiction Recovery: Stages of Grief – Acceptance

Stages of Grief – Acceptance

The Acceptance Stage of Grief During Addiction Recovery


When people enter into treatment for substance abuse, they often go through an intense emotional progress as they heal. Overcoming addiction means closing the door on the lifestyle that led to an individual seeking treatment so that they can move on. People are by no means prepared for the significant changes required of them to achieve to sobriety, which can lead to feelings of grief and loss. As individuals pass through fear, anger, denial, bargaining, and depression, they eventually find themselves in the final stage of grief, acceptance.


Accepting and Embracing Positive Change

When people turn to drugs and alcohol, they tend to get swept up in a lifestyle that brings them into contact with others who are using. They will hang out in places where they can obtain and use substance easily and without judgement. This can become a dangerous comfort zone for people with addiction, which they need to be pulled out from in order to get better.


Part of the process of rehabilitation involves identifying the issues driving substance abuse. This is done with the help of therapists both on a one-to-one basis and in group sessions. By talking through experiences of substance abuse, individuals can start to understand the patterns in their behaviors. This enables them to make necessary changes and adapt their behavior going forward.


Acceptance is an essential part of the grief process as it allows people to close the door on the past and make way for a new future. Recovery is always more effective when individuals have found happiness in sobriety, which is made possible through specialist therapy at rehab centers such as CASA Recovery. Although the route to recovery is not without its challenges, it is possible to work through a rehab program and find the best path for you.


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