Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT for short) is a form of mindfulness therapy used in addiction treatment that has been accepted as effective for a long time. Essentially, acceptance and commitment therapy takes a closer look at an individual’s character traits and behavior patterns to help them overcome avoidance as a coping mechanism. By confronting stressful situations and circumstances head-on, addicts can learn how to deal with them without turning to drugs or alcohol and ACT therapy reinforces this.

There are three main areas of focus in ACT therapy, as follows:

Accepting reactions and being present in the moment

Choosing a valued direction

Taking action

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

ACT enables individuals to accept that sometimes there are situations that are beyond our influence and control. The objective is to assist them in silencing the very negative inner dialogue an addict experiences that often drives their compulsion for substance abuse. The therapy does not reinforce the idea that individuals are helpless, it simply encourages them to accept when there’s nothing they can do and move on quickly from negative events.

Many of the problems an addict has when dealing with the illness are the damaging thought processes that emerge when their bodies crave drugs or alcohol. ACT seeks to empower patients to accept situations without replaying events in their mind, obsessing or worrying about things they can’t control. This prevents individuals from turning to drugs or alcohol by silencing negative thoughts, allowing them to respond in better and healthier ways going forward.

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