Understanding the Basics of Impulse Control Disorder

Many people suffering with addiction illness also have a mental health condition to deal with at the same time. These people are known as dual-diagnosis patients when they enter rehab for substance abuse. One mental health condition commonly suffered at the same time as addiction is impulse control disorder. This is a condition where a person has difficulty controlling their feelings and behaviors. In some extreme cases, the behaviors the condition cause violate the rights of others or break the law.

The Signs of Impulse Control Disorder

As suggested by its name, impulse control disorder means that a person is unable to control their actions which are directed by their emotions. There is a very strong connection between the way we think and the way we feel and this is exaggerated in impulse control disorder to leave the sufferer powerless to change. Some examples of this condition include kleptomania (obsessive theft), and pyromania (starting fires).


The kind of behaviors exhibited by a person with impulse control disorder may often seem to others to be completely illogical. This is mainly because the individual is being guided almost automatically by kneejerk responses to their emotional state. As with most mental health conditions, there are stressors and triggers that drive impulse control disorder which can be effectively treated in rehab.


According to research, males are much more likely to develop impulse control disorders than females. It has also been shown that is it not uncommon for sufferers to have a co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety. The most effective way of treating impulse control disorder is with behavioral therapies, particularly when used in combination with holistic therapies like meditation and yoga.

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