3 Things We Can Learn from Johnny Manziel

Image Courtesy of Erik Dorst under Creative Commons

After a string of alcohol-related incidents and even a few run-ins with the law spanning both his college and professional career, Cleveland Browns QB, Johnny Manziel has raised his hand and voluntarily decided to attend inpatient rehab for a possible dependence on alcohol.

Manziel is no stranger to media attention. The number of times we’ve heard the term “Johnny Football” from ESPN is well in the thousands by now. That’s why stepping up and admitting not just to his inner circle of friends and family, but to the entire world, that he needs help is a huge deal.

Casa Recovery is proud of the steps Johnny Manziel is taking to better his life so here are 3 things we can all learn from his decision.

1. Support systems are vital to success

Manziel’s decision to attend rehab has been met with support from his family and friends, his employer the Cleveland Browns, his teammates and even his sponsors at Nike. Having an extensive support system that respects your needs is so important to the recovery process. In fact, a strong support system actually reduces the chances of relapse.

2. Drug and alcohol dependencies can affect anyone

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, a rocket scientist, or a regular Joe… anyone can struggle with an alcohol or drug dependency. Other notable celebrities and athletes in recovery include Robert Downey Jr., Rob Lowe and MLB player Josh Hamilton.

3. Dependence can affect every aspect of your life

An effect of an alcohol or substance reliance is neglecting responsibilities whether it be in at home, in the workplace, school, or your social circle. One of the areas this was most notable in Johnny Manziels life was in his occupation. As his dependency grew he began showing a lack of commitment and preparation to his team and even missed practices because he was hung-over.

Manziel took the first step in recovery by voluntarily admitting himself into rehab and telling the media, “I know what is important to me and now it is time to come in here, look at myself in the mirror and hold myself accountable.” Like we said, it’s not easy admitting you need help. But if Johnny Manziel can stand up and declare it to a national audience, anyone is capable of taking the journey to recovery as well.

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