Signs Your Loved One Might be Addicted to Heroin

(Image by CGehlen, via flickr)

Heroin abuse has become a very real danger that has taken the United States by storm. Often, opiate addiction may begin with prescription pills, or other more “innocent” sounding drug sources. However, the availability and lower prices of heroin may eventually lead…

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month

There is often a stigma associated with all types of addiction that prevents people from seeking the help they want and need. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) founded Alcohol Awareness Month in 1987, which takes place every April, to increase awareness and let people know it is okay to get help...

The Annual CASA Recovery BBQ & Egg Hunt

Bucket Of Eggs From The Casa Recovery Egg Hunt And BBQ

Each year CASA Recovery throws a BBQ and Egg Hunt at Thunderbird Park in Dana Point, California for our clients and staff! In typical Southern California fashion, we couldn't have asked for better weather this past weekend. The sun was shining, the grill was firing, and we all enjoyed getting outside and keeping each other company.

CASA Recovery Guests & Staff Dressed For The Easter BBQ

This year the eggs…

Relax & Recover: Holistic Activities at CASA Recovery

Yoga & MeditationImage by GoToVan under…

3 Things We Can Learn from Johnny Manziel

Image Courtesy of Erik Dorst under Creative Commons

After a string of alcohol-related incidents and even a few run-ins with the law spanning both his college and professional career, Cleveland Browns QB, Johnny Manziel has raised his hand and voluntarily decided to attend inpatient rehab for a possible dependence on alcohol.

Read more | Comments (0) | Feb 11, 2015

Dana Point Whale Watching

We spotted some playful, California Sea Lions lying around and sun bathing.

At Casa Recovery, we know fun and relaxing outdoor activities are an important part of the recovery process. Our residential treatment and recovery center in San Juan Capistrano is easily 10 minutes from the Dana Point Harbor. Enjoying your time with outdoor activities, shopping, or ocean adventures by the sea can provide some therapeutic value. This past Saturday, our clients and staff went whale watching at in warm, 83 degrees weather. While Winter Storm Juno has covered most of the east coast in snow, here in sunny Southern California, the weather…

Helping Your Loved One – A Guide From a Non-Addict

It can be difficult to understand addiction if it isn’t something you’ve gone through personally. If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, learning about these issues can give you a better understanding and help you support those in recovery.

Hearing others stories and being involved in a sober community can reveal and highlight so much about addiction and its effects on an individual. Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve found that becoming more involved can be an enlightening experience.

I grew up being open-minded about addiction because my close relative is an alcoholic, who has now been sober for about 30 years. He has always openly discussed his struggles with addiction, and from other relatives, I would hear about…

9 Ways to Stay Sober Through the Holidays

Happy Holidays
Image Source (Flickr: Ashley Webb)

A list of tips and tricks to help you stay focused on your road to recovery.

CASA goes to the OC Fair

On July 11, CASA Recovery clients enjoyed a special afternoon out at the opening day of the Orange County Fair. Snacks, rides and games for all!  At Casa Recovery in Orange County, we think that it's very important to take clients out of their daily routine and expose them to some fun under the sun.  Whether it's baseball games, or hanging out by the campfire, or the Orange County Fair, we take advantage of living in such a beautiful and event-filled city.


OC Fair Casa Recovery


OC Fair Casa Recovery

Casa Recovery OC Fair

Nature Hike at Dana Point Headlands Nature Park

Clients enjoyed a break from treatment by experiencing a beautiful nature hike.

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