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How to Handle Drug Addiction with a Spouse

Drug addiction is an illness that not only affects the sufferer, but also those close to them. It can be enormously difficult for others to understand that someone with addiction no longer chooses to behave the way they do. What a loved one or partner sees as being a deliberate act of selfishness is more likely to be something that is driven by the compulsion of addiction. Addiction is mostly characterized by a person’s continued drug abuse despite the destruction its causing their relationships. From the point of view of a partner or spouse of an addict, this can be intensely difficult, sometimes impossible, to deal with.  

How Drug Addiction Affects the Family

We’ve all heard the expression “actions speak louder than words” and this is mostly how spouses feel when their loved ones abuse drugs continually. The negative behaviors associated with substance abuse are seen as deliberate acts that represent a spiteful intention to wreck a relationship. A person who has developed severe addiction will often display extreme mood swings, even resorting to aggression or violence when they are experiencing cravings.   Living with an addict often leaves people in as much need of rehab treatment as the addict themselves. This is the main reason family therapy is widely used as a component of treatment programs for substance abuse. Opening a dialogue between loved ones who have each been negatively impacted by another’s drug abuse is essential to enable them to heal together as a family unit.   Family therapy provides a neutral environment where everyone can communicate the damage done to them by a person’s drug-taking. With a third party addiction specialist present, the conversation can be guided so that tempers don’t boil over. Discussions between loved ones and an addict are bound to be emotionally-charged and it helps to have someone there to prevent things getting out of control. Family therapy is also extremely useful in educating people on addiction so that they know their loved one’s behavior was beyond their control.  

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