Family Counseling

Family Counseling for Mental Illness

When someone is struggling with a mental illness, it is not only them who suffer but those close to them too. This is why family counseling is considered to be so important as part of mental illness treatment programs. Although people become very withdrawn and isolated when they have a mental illness, it is often because they feel they are misunderstood. Family therapy lifts the lid on a person’s addiction issues so that everyone affected can develop a better understanding of their situation.


Family Counseling in Mental Illness Treatment

Casa Recovery in Southern California offers family counseling as a component in all of its mental illness treatment counseling programs. This enables family members to come together in a neutral environment where their discussion is guided by a third-party therapist. It often helps considerably to have someone guide the discussion so that everyone has a chance to express themselves clearly and all viewpoints are heard.


Family therapy also sets a firm foundation for the many years of recovery ahead. Mental illnesses are generally considered to be chronic, which means they are likely to continue for years, if not a lifetime. Individuals are shown to respond much better in recovery after mental health treatment when they are supported by their families.


Family therapy is perhaps most important as a mechanism to bring families together that have been torn apart by mental illness. Relationships can be very strained and even damaged beyond repair as a result of people behaving in ways their loved ones don’t understand. Family therapy provides everyone affected by mental illness with greater clarity on how they can deal with the situation for a happier and healthier future.

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