Our Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program here at CASA Recovery is all-encompassing and allows you to fully dive into healing that can lead you on the path to a better and more fuller life, without your addiction. Our program includes:

Weekly one-on-one meetings with our pastor- Don’t feel alone in your fight for sobriety. Spirituality and faith can seem like a huge idea to wrap your head around, but our pastor can help you work through your fears and questions in your pursuit of God and getting your life back.

Christ-centered curriculum- Our curriculum is in-depth, well-researched, and can give you the information and structure you need to succeed. We also offer daily sessions and workshops surrounding this curriculum. [Click here for more information on curriculum]

Weekly counseling with our Christian drug counselor- Similarly to meeting with the pastor weekly, a meeting with our Christian drug counselor can help you make the pieces fit. Our counselor understands your addiction, and your quest to find God in the midst of it all, and can help you through.

Morning Devotional- Starting off your day right is key to having a fruitful and overall pleasant day. Morning devotionals will help you keep your focus on your spiritual quest and on God, and help set you up for a successful day.

Weekly worship services- Worship is the biggest way to praise God, and by tuning your heart to worship through both the good and bad times, you are tuning your heart and soul to the unwavering strength and peace that God provides.

Specialized outside meetings (Monday, Thursday, Friday)- Dependent on your goals and needs, we can get you to specialized outside meetings to meet you where you are in your recovery.

+ Our Regular Program- Individual psychotherapy, education/process groups, massage, acupuncture, yoga, personal training, outside meetings, fun sober activities.

Learn More about our Program in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Here at CASA Recovery, we want you to succeed. Whether you want to try a spiritual direction for the first time, or come back to something familiar, we can get you on the right track to find both God and your life past addiction. Contact us today here in San Juan Capistrano, CA to learn more and to schedule your private consultation.