Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Addicts in Washington

Substance abuse, alcoholism, and addiction are on the increase across the U.S. Alcohol, marijuana and opioids are the most widely abused substances, with prescription opioid addiction presenting a national public health emergency and generating healthcare reforms. Doctors are receiving addiction training, awareness is being raised, attempts are being made to address the stigma which can come with substance abuse, and health insurance companies who don’t offer addiction recovery options are being penalized. As a consequence now is the best time to seek help if you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse disorder.

Signs You Have a Problem & What to Do About It

If you can relate to these signs, you may need help:

– Tolerance to a substance, needing more of it to achieve the desired effect

– Feeling odd when drug or alcohol wears off, also known as withdrawal

– Constantly thinking about the substance and losing interest in things you once enjoyed

– Being unable to stop yourself from using

– Problems with daily tasks and responsibilities

– Financial problems as a direct result of misuse, etc.

Drug abuse in Washington is a statewide problem. There is a huge increase in opioid use and people abusing heroin and prescription-type opioids often use them interchangeably. Increased use of the overdose antidote drug Naloxone has helped keep the number of deaths down but is a clear indicator that something is amiss and needs addressing.

Alcohol abuse in Washington is a significant problem, not helped by the easy availability of this legal substance. Alcohol-related deaths rank 4th in the list of preventable fatalities in the U.S. and if you think you have a problem, be assured you are not alone.

Once you realize you have a problem which you need help with it’s time to make a move. Out of State Rehab can be beneficial in helping you with achieving true success. Removal from the addictive triggers in your life and the opportunity to develop new, healthier habits and a totally fresh outlook in a comfortable setting provides the focus you need to overcome your addiction and take the time and space needed to reset.

Choose CASA Recovery for Effective Southern California Rehab

If you choose a Southern California recovery for out of state Alcohol addiction treatment, CASA Recovery offers a highly personalized recovery program designed to make your rehabilitation a nurturing, healing experience. We use a holistic approach taking into account the many factors which have contributed to your substance abuse issues. Contact us today for a consultation in complete confidence at CASA Recovery.