Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Addicts in San Francisco, CA

When someone is abusing a drug or alcohol, it implies that they are not using it for its designated purpose and instead may be using it to avoid facing up to daily responsibilities or worries. It could be that alcohol is routinely drunk to excess or a pill taken recreationally without acknowledging that this is dangerous, and if so, this is an addiction.

What to Do when your Addiction is Out of Control

Not all people who misuse a substance will go on to be addicted to it, but all addicts will at some point have abused a drug or alcohol. It is, therefore, preferable to take action and acknowledge an abuse disorder before it becomes an addiction. Addiction implies a compulsion to consume. The individual cannot resist drinking or taking drugs, and if they do they feel discomfort, cravings and suffer psychologically with anxiety, depression and more.

Throughout the States, there is a lot of discussion of addiction being a public health issue. There is a shocking increase in the number of people, particularly the young, addicted to prescription opioids and heroin as well as methamphetamine. The government has come up with a variety of measures designed to try and prevent the situation getting worse but in the end, it is up to individuals to acknowledge that they or a loved one have a problem and seek help. This problem has been especially apparent in San Francisco, where the high cost of living mixed with a homeless problem heighten drug and alcohol abuse across the city.

It can be dangerous to just quit taking something or to just stop drinking. It takes courage to do battle against a substance which has altered your brain chemistry in a way that means it is controlling you. Support is essential in this endeavor. A proper managed detox and rehab program offers the best chance of recovery, with counselors and therapists to offer emotional assistance and teach you how to make better choices.

Choose CASA Recovery for Addiction Rehab in Southern California

Do you have a problem with drug abuse or alcohol abuse in San Francisco? We offer drug addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment at CASA Recovery. We will take into account your personal story and personalize your Southern California rehab to ensure that you are not just a statistic. In comfortable, caring surroundings our counselors, therapists, and other specialist staff will help offer you education, healing, and tools to help you become sober. It is not just about abstinence, but about developing healthier habits and finding your inner strengths and the power to control your life. Choose Southern California recovery and contact us in confidence TODAY.