Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Addicts in Portland, OR

There are many risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse. They range from problems with daily functioning and maintaining personal relationships to serious physical and mental health issues and ultimately death by poisoning or overdose. Although many people with addiction issues will be aware of the risks they pose to themselves, they will be unable to control their impulse to use, which is a classic characteristic of dependence.

Why Can’t I just Stop my Addiction?

Using a prescribed pill for pain relief if you are injured is seen as normal. It means you can endure the day and do what you have to without unnecessary suffering. Having a drink at the end of a working day or at a social event is regarded as a pretty standard procedure, it’s time to relax and that’s OK. However, there may be circumstances which cause you to overuse a substance or alcohol and you increase the frequency of use or the dosage until a point where you become dependent on it and maybe you can’t stop thinking about it. You are hanging out for the next hit. It can be subtle but before you know it you are compelled to drink or take a drug so that you are not physically or mentally traumatized by its absence.

A person who takes a hit of heroin or methamphetamine is in exactly the same situation when it comes down to it. They are controlled by the need to take a drug or suffer the effects of withdrawal. Certain opioids create a sense of euphoria and people will chase that feeling by any means they can. Lying about how much you have had to drink and stealing money from your sister’s purse to buy drugs are behaviors governed by the same phenomenon, addiction.

Drug abuse in Portland, OR reflects the situation over the U.S. in general- heroin and methamphetamine addiction rates are high and those involved are young adults. Whether the drugs are legal or illegal there is an urgent need to help people get themselves out of the vicious cycle of addiction and abuse. Out of state drug addiction treatment puts you in a safe environment, in the care of a team of professionals who won’t judge or chastise. Their aim is to help you through recovery providing therapy and emotional assistance along with detox. Alcohol abuse in Portland Oregon can also be addressed at an out of state alcohol addiction treatment center such as CASA Recovery.

You can turn it around at CASA Recovery: Addiction Rehab in Southern California

At CASA Recovery we understand that although addictive behaviors are similar, the people who are struggling are all individuals. Our Southern California rehab programs are personalized, designed for you and taking into account your personal circumstances and the issues underlying your addiction. Our therapists and counselors will help you learn coping mechanisms and provide you with tools to move forward with hope for a better future. Contact us now in confidence and begin your Southern California recovery TODAY.