Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Addicts in Oregon

The consequences of living with an addiction to a substance can reach into all areas of your life. Your mental and physical health will suffer and at worst there is a risk of fatality. Alcohol-related deaths rank 4th in the list of causes of preventable deaths in the U.S. There are financial consequences involved in addiction issues, the drugs or alcohol may be cheap but have you got the means to support yourself and your family?

Turn it around – Consider Southern California Rehab

Your personal life may suffer as substance abuse disorder often causes behavioral changes and can lead to dysfunctional relationships. Addiction to an illegal substance means you are dependent on something which makes you a criminal. Even when the misused substance has been prescribed, there may come a point where you resort to action outside of the law to obtain your fix. There’s also the additional danger of being caught with a DUI which brings its own consequences, none of which are good.

Once you recognize the negative impact your addiction is having on you and those closest to you, the first big step towards recovery can often be the decision to turn your life around. One consideration is an out-of-state rehab center. Putting physical distance between you and associates, temptations, the triggers of your addiction, and other distractions allows you to focus entirely on your rehab.

Recovery from addiction is a private matter. By choosing an out-of-state recovery center you don’t have to worry about coming across anyone who may know you, which is a worry that holds many people back from seeking the treatment they desperately need. Recovery in Southern California could be the fresh start you seek.

Drug abuse in Oregon is at one of the highest rates in America. Alcohol abuse in Oregon is also very common with binge drinking being highlighted as a big problem in some studies. In 2014 in Oregon, out of 7 million controlled substance prescriptions written, half were for opioid painkillers. New tougher guidelines on prescribing opiates have made them harder to get hold of and more expensive, driving people to source them illegally or turn to other street drugs.

Take the Step Towards a Better Life with CASA Recovery

At CASA Recovery, a Southern California Rehab Center, we offer you out of state alcohol addiction treatment and out of state drug addiction treatment. Our aim is to tailor a program of rehab to your specific needs and address the underlying issues which have led you to become dependent on a substance. In beautiful surroundings, with the help of qualified non-judgemental counselors, therapists, and practitioners, why wouldn’t you consider addiction recovery in Southern California? Contact us in confidence to find out more today!