Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Addicts in New York

Abuse of a substance is defined as the long-term use of alcohol or drugs that is characterized by daily intoxication and an inability to control the impulse to use. When someone is controlled by a practice that is habit forming to the extent that if they stop it causes withdrawal symptoms, this is regarded as addiction. Whatever the substance, be it alcohol, heroin or prescription painkillers, a person who is hooked has an illness and needs treatment.

What’s the Problem?

There has been a recent shift in some states where there is a realization that abuse of a substance is a public health matter and changes are being made, in particular with regard to prescription painkiller misuse and heroin addiction. The abuse of these substances has led to a steady increase in deaths from drug poisoning or overdose. If you or someone you know is misusing a substance and things appear to be spiraling out of control you may notice these behavioral changes:

– Mood swings, unexplained irritability, anger, abuse, reckless behavior

– Loss of interest in things which used to bring pleasure, lack of attention to personal hygiene and appearance

– Problems with work or education, through absence or other issues

– Change of circle of friends and places to go

– Uncharacteristic clumsiness, forgetfulness, lack of eye contact, lying, deceit, unexplained financial problems.

There is an increasing understanding that it is easy to drift into addiction due to the unpleasantness that withdrawal from taking a substance causes. This is where it is wise to seek professional help and out of state drug addiction treatment can be the best answer. Away from addictive triggers, temptations, and associates, you will have the chance to stop using the substance in a healing environment with emotional and practical support through difficult moments.

Drug abuse in New York has reached epidemic levels up to four deaths a day, half of which are due to Fentanyl abuse. Alcohol abuse affects the most people and is a health issue that reduces someone’s ability to achieve a happy and balanced life. The East Coast states show an increase in the use of synthetic drugs, specifically designed to get around drug testing and legislation, they are sold openly in stores and have misleading names like Spice and Serenity. These drugs are often abused by people in jobs where drug testing is required, such as the military or commercial driving and their innocuous appearance makes young people vulnerable.

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