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Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Orange County
Finding Treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Orange County, CA

Bipolar disorder is a chronic mental health condition that requires treatment to help individuals to recover from. Treatment for bipolar disorder has to be ongoing as individuals are never really free from the illness. If a person remains undiagnosed or fails to get the treatment they need, their symptoms are very likely to become worse. Here we take a closer look at how bipolar disorder is treated at CASA Recovery in Orange County.

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As with any type of mental illness, it is always important to thoroughly assess each individual personally. This is because bipolar disorder affects people in different ways and can also be triggered by events or circumstances unique to them. CASA Recovery offers mental health treatment in San Juan Capistrano, CA, that includes medication, psychotherapy, coping strategies, education, therapeutic support and external support groups.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is commonly used to treat bipolar disorder as it identifies the root causes of the illness. Through discussion with a CBT therapist, individuals are guided to identify the negative events, thoughts or feelings that have become deeply rooted in their subconscious. This allows them to change the way they think and feel which ultimately impacts their behavior in positive and healthy ways.


Other types of treatments and therapies are used to help bipolar patients including holistic practices like meditation. Alternative or complementary therapies offer another root to identifying the drivers of bipolar disorder and serve as effective coping mechanisms in recovery. Every patient has their own unique needs and that is why CASA Recovery offers personalized programs based on thorough assessment of each individual in our care.

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There is no need to suffer alone when you are dealing with a mental illness. Although others may not be able to see your struggles, we are here to help you. CASA Recovery offers exceptional mental health program in Southern California, that is personalized to treat your needs. If you are concerned that you are having feelings you can’t cope with, contact us for a confidential consultation and embark on a journey to recovery from bipolar disorder today.

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