Basics of Motivational Interviewing

Basics of Motivational Interviewing

Understanding the Benefits of Motivational Interviewing


Addiction is a very personal illness that affects everybody in different ways. This is the main reason there are so many different approaches to addiction therapy treatment. Motivational interviewing is a type of counseling that helps individuals to resolve difficult feelings to find the motivation to achieve long-term recovery. Motivational therapy is a very practical process that helps people make vital changes to their lives in order to achieve recovery success.


The Benefits of Motivational Interviewing

Many people struggling with substance abuse find it hard to change the behaviors that keep them addicted. Motivational interviewing is an alternative approach to instilling the need for change the behaviors standing in the way of making healthier choices. Research shows that motivational interviewing works very effectively for individuals who are reluctant to change. Although many people in rehab centers are there as a result of personal choice, many of them are left with no choice and may not be as motivated to change.


Fear of change often presents an obstacle to a person with substance abuse issues from reaching out for help. However, it is simply not possible to continue mixing with enabling people when a person is trying to overcome addiction. This is the main reason it is vital to alter and adapt the behaviors that keep someone addicted so that they can create a healthier life in recovery.


Whereas many therapies are discussion-based and guided by a therapist, motivational interviewing is somewhat different. The role of the therapist is to listen to the patient rather than guiding the conversation. This allows for a more natural flow of communication and creates and environment where the individual feels completely comfortable talking about their thoughts and feelings. As with most types of addiction treatment, motivational interviewing is most effective when used in combination with other types of therapy.


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