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CASA Recovery is a small, private, comprehensive addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA offering therapy, counseling, holistic treatment, substance abuse education, and life-skills workshops. Our hand-picked, experienced staff are trained to guide you through self-discovery, teaching you how to make better choices and lead a healthy, happy, and purposeful life of recovery. This is a highly personalized program that we create around every client. Everyone in our program is offered our full spectrum of services:

- Monitored Detoxification Referral, if necessary

- Complete Assessment- drug urine screens, transportation

- Unique group sessions, including:
o Process therapy
o Relapse prevention
o Testimonial groups
o Anger management
o Goal setting

- One-on-one counseling and case management

- One-on-one psychotherapy

- Free family group on Sundays

- Unique and holistic treatment options, including:
o Art therapy
o Gentle yoga
o Acupuncture
o Guided meditation
o Energy healing
o Beach activities
o Gym Training 3 times a week
o Spiritual Renewal Therapy/bible study option

- Faith-Based Treatment Options

- Exclusive CASA Recovery workbook

- Rotation of different sober activities like movies, bowling, kayaking, and whale watching.

- Sober Living available in upscale residential housing with nutritious home cooked meals and daily outside meetings.

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