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Yelp Review: Yvette R. from Georgia on 05/14/13

I would like to thank the staff of Casa Recovery for helping our adult son overcome his addictions. I did a lot of research looking for a rehab facility him, and luckily we found Casa Recovery, which met all of our criteria. (1) We wanted a minimum of 90 days, with continuing outpatient support and counseling, plus access to a halfway house in the area for continuing the recovery process. (2) We were looking for a rehab facility that was affordable and not overpriced. (3) Because we believe in God, we wanted a facility that offered Christian approaches to rehab. (4) Finally, we wanted our son to approve of the treatment center. We found all this at CASA Recovery.

We spoke to the intake director, Ernie, and felt instantly confident that CASA would be able to provide the help our son needed. More importantly, our son agreed, with his whole heart, to check in because he felt at ease with the staff. Ernie was exactly how we expected—he was upfront and honest with our son. CASA Recovery also went the extra mile and assisted us in working through the out-of- state legal issues to get out son to and throughrecovery.

Our son’s counselor called us weekly to give us an update on his progress. This was a pleasant and welcome surprise. Whenever my son was allowed to call, I heard the change in his voice and knew that he was starting to get his life back.

We were able to visit near the end of the 90 day program. We sat down in a counseling session with our son, the counselor, and the therapist. We also met the staff, who truly seemed to do everything they could to help their clients. 

Our son now lives in the area. He’s still attending the outpatient program and joining the groups. He is on the right track, loving life and living in sobriety. Thank you, Casa Recovery,

Yelp Review: G.T. from Oregon on 03/06/13

I am a recovering addict. I have seen it all, having gone through four different treatment centers, and I have to say CASA Recovery is the best. The environment was supportive and calm—not at all like other addiction centers that felt like jails.

Other treatment centers that I have tried don't allow computer or cell phone use, but at CASA, we were allowed to use the communication facilities for a few hours  in the evenings.  I also appreciated the highly effective 12 step meetings, which I think created the foundation I needed to stay sober. The group sessions were the best that I've attended.

I know fully well that recovery is an ongoing, lifelong process and that ultimately, it is up to me to stay sober. CASA certainly assisted me on this journey. It’s a great place for people who are ready and willing to start alcohol and drug free lives.

Yelp Review: Christian G. from Orange County on 05/15/13

I am very, very grateful to the CASA staff. They really got me through the worst of times. The treatment center is a structured but relaxed environment. The people were genuinely caring and supportive. I did not feel judged at all.

They provided a tailored treatment for my physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. The biggest breakthrough was when they helped me identify my triggers and issues—those ‘cancers’ in my lifestyle. By getting to the bottom of what causes my addiction and teaching me how to solve or at least cope with all those underlying problems, they turned my life around.

I spent a total of 6 months at CASA. It was the best decision I've ever made. I came out a different, much better version of myself.

If you are interested in going through addiction treatment here, stay longer than a month. Thirty days simply isn’t enough time, in my opinion. Folks, let CASA help you help yourself. That’s the only way it will work.

Yelp Review: Hugh M. from Orange County on 06/16/13

I was a chronically relapsing drug addict and alcoholic with PTSD (from military service). After CASA, I became a new man. CASA Recovery gave me the tools I need to save my life and enjoy living once again. For that, I am forever grateful.

The counselors and everyone there showed patience, genuine kindness, and understanding. I don’t exaggerate when I say that these people were some of the best I’ve ever met. The owner comes to the facility everyday, making sure everything is in order and working just as hard as the counselors. This isn’t a recovery ‘assembly line’ – everyone was given personalized attention and one-on-one treatment. I would even call it the best drug and alcohol treatment center in Southern California. You become part of the family, even after you leave. Like other clients, I am still allowed to go to CASA for group sessions and to talk to the counselors and other clients. I go there whenever I feel like I need support.  

It was affordable, too. This included gym, massages, weekly therapy, group counseling, one on one counseling, and even trips into the ‘real world’ where we watched movies, went kayaking, played baseball, went boating, etc. 

I am now 8 months sober and still go to CASA regularly whenever I want to talk to a group or just visit.

Yelp Review: William V. from Orange County on 02/22/13

My story of addiction began in college and went full swing after I dropped out. I don’t want to get too graphic, but here’s the picture: I smoked meth and heroin daily, then shot up the two drugs intravenously every two hours or so I can ‘feel better.’ It wasn’t pretty; I was in and out of jails. I knew I had a problem, but had no way to overcome it alone. I also got discouraged by a couple rehabs. 

Luckily I found CASA, which was recommended by a friend. They provided me a smooth transition and a comfortable detox. The counselors here really know what to do. They were very professional but friendly, and they developed a tailor-made plan for me. The approach was realistic and effective. If you’re looking to be treated like a baby, this isn’t the place. This is for people who are willing and serious about getting help.

CASA offered healthy food options, plus massages and therapy. It wasn’t boring it all; the program incorporated fun activities. I got to join whale watching, kayaking, watching movies and comedy shows, Angels Games, etc. One of the counselors said they like to switch it up to keep things interesting, and more importantly to teach clients like me how to live, laugh, and have fun again without drugs or alcohol.

My decision to extend my 30-day program to 90 days was the best I’ve made. I received further counseling and assistance during the last 60 days (called the Green Level). The counselors really helped me set and reach life goals. I’m glad I stayed longer because recovery should not be rushed. I’ve been sober for 7 months now, and I’ glad to report that most of the other people who went through the 90-day program with me have also stayed clean.

Yelp Review: Dmitriy Z. from Staten Island, NY on 02/24/13

First of all, let me say that CASA is by far the most affordable rehab facility in California. I have tried going to another treatment center that charged 30 grand a month, but it wasn’t nearly as effective as CASA. And their price for 3 months of comprehensive treatment was very reasonable. 

The program was amazing and the staff was passionate about truly helping people. I instantly felt at home there—something I have never felt in other recovery centers. I thought my life was over when I came in, but CASA really showed me that I can turn myself into a productive member of society. I am 9 months sober today.

Yelp Review: Janet R. from Portland, OR on 04/23/13

I came to CASA Recovery in Orange County to seek treatment from alcoholism, and I’m glad I did. None of the country-club treatment centers I tried before worked, but at CASA, I found my path. During the two months I stayed there, I was able to identify and deal with the underlying issues that caused me to drink in the first place. 

At first I felt like an outsider, being a middle-aged housewife from Portland. But then I met so many individuals who were just like me, facing addiction. Every one of us was treated with respect. I never felt judged; none of us did. 

And of course I loved the beautiful beaches. Going to CASA also led me to meet people from across the country—people on the same journey as I am. We shared stories, sad and happy. From the amazing counselors and staff, I learned that recovery from addiction is available to people who truly want it. I plan to travel to California next week to celebrate my first year of sobriety.

Max J. from Oklahoma on 07/24/13

My addiction to drugs and alcohol started when I began comparing my life to those of my friends. I was young and well-educated, but my peers always seemed to surpass my life in every way. To me back then, they all seemed more successful, more confident, and more sure of where they were going. I was a failure, I thought. That’s how I developed a problem with drinking and drugs. During the peak of my substance abuse, I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was put on medications. That seemed to help for a while;  I became functional, holding a job here and there, but still I never quite succeeded. After five failed rehab stints in medical detox centers in my home state—and almost overdosing on benzodiazepines and alcohol—my family helped me realize that it was time for solid help.

So I flew to California. How I got there, I'm not sure because I was binge drinking still. I even flew into the wrong airport. Nevertheless, a representative from CASA was there to pick me up. I was brought directly to the detox facility and to CASA Recovery a few days later.

CASA’s location is astoundingly beautiful. The residences are close to the beach; in fact, some of the recovery homes are within walking distance of the water. The houses were large and comfortable. I was made to feel like a member of the CASA family, not a ‘patient.’ I was a human being, not a number. 

My 90-day program was comprehensive and I felt at peace with the entire process. I wasn’t judged or ridiculed. Almost every member of the staff has gone through addiction themselves, so they knew exactly what I was going through. 

During the first month, they have me personalized therapy and counseling sessions. They learned all about me, my story, and the people in my life (they talked to my family).

CASA referred me to a psychiatrist who told me that I was wrongly diagnosed and that I was ABSOLUTELY NOT bipolar. If it weren't for him, I would still be taking bipolar meds and suffering from the side effects. Now, I do not take any meds and feel absolutely wonderful. For this alone, I am grateful to CASA.

After the initial 30-day period, the counselors started teaching me how to live life again. They guided me on how to survive in the real world. I got my car back and was advised to find a volunteer job. This stage taught me how to provide for my recovering body and mind. It really gave me the confidence to become successful at life.

In the last month of the 90-day program, I went out to the real world to rediscover myself and my place in society, but I still had the support of the recovery program and the CASA staff at my disposal. I socialized with clients, attended therapy once a week, and participated in group therapy sessions. I met other people in the Southern California recovery community and went to AA and NA meetings. I also continued my search for jobs. CASA gave me the skills to live and think healthy. 

After the program, I found work in the area and am still close to the CASA Recovery family. After 6 months, I was given a career opportunity and a chance to fly on my own. Today, I am an executive at wonderful company. I get to travel for work and am able to handle more responsibility than I ever thought I could. 

I haven't felt any urge to go back to drugs and alcohol since leaving CASA. But I know that should I see symptoms of relapse, I can always call them for help.