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After treatment care is a necessary step to ensure long-term success of treatment and prevent relapse especially in the early stages of recovery. Casa Recovery's Extended Care program is highly recommended after a minimum stay of up to 30 days in treatment. "Green Level" clients (those who have completed their first month of recovery) are eligible to enter our structured extended care program. In a nutshell, this program provides recovering addicts a safe place to transition from the treatment program, into the community, helping them through the challenges of the early stages of recovery. The program helps make the shift from the residential setting to their normal life easier.

Schedules are also customizable to include different kinds of clinical options, along with other services and ancillary treatment options like educational and career coaching, job search workshops, psychiatric follow up, acupuncture and massage therapy, individual and/or group therapy, life coaching, and a lot more, depending on a client's specific needs.

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